Karin designs and makes black porcelain jewellery and body related objects, combined with beads, charms from all over the world and natural materials. Her brand is called TiNiK. She makes her beads in Jingdezhen in China. She shows her jewellery and objects in the Netherlands and abroad.

She also works as a curator. Check the website: www.karinvanpaassen.com

Photos on this website were taken by photographer Adriaan Backer: www.adriaanbacker.com and Karin van Paassen.

2014         Group exhibition Interactive installation fragrances, at Belvédère, Rotterdam   
2015         Group exhibition at Zeetoren. Jewellery installation ‘10 tégen 1’, Hoek van Holland
2015         Group exhibition. Jewellery at ARA Art Fair, Zwijndrecht
2016         Group exhibition. Jewellery at one day shop, Amsterdam
2016         Group exhibition. Objects with a tribal theme, at gallery pARTners, Rotterdam
2017         Group exhibition. Jewellery and objects with a tribal theme at Kunsthuis 18, Naaldwijk
2017         Solo exhibition jewellery at Westlandse Kunst – en atelierroute, Monster
2017         Group exhibition.  Jewellery and objects at Kunsthuis 18, Naaldwijk
2017         Workshop porcelain in Jingdezhen, China
2018         Solo exhibition jewellery OriGiN at Gallery Guthschmidt, the Hague
2018         Lecture about OriGiN and China at Venduehuis, the Hague
2018         Group exhibition at Sanbao, China
2019         Group exhibition ‘Mag ik je water naar de zee dragen?’, at Douanehuisje, Maassluis
2019         Group exhibition ‘The Unity’ at Bentu E6, Beijing, China
2019        Group exhibition Dutch Jewellery designers ‘Shining on the Stage – Dutch Spirit’ at New Center of Contemporary Jewellery and Fashion Culture, Shanghai, China
2019/2020 Group exhibition ‘Meeting the Future’ at S x V Museum of Modern Art in Qingdao, China
2021     Selected for the group exhibition Keramiek Triënnale 2021 in CODA Museum, Apeldoorn
2021 Group exhibition with the collection ‘Bad-Back-Bone’ in Galerie Wind, Rotterdam
2021 Group exhibition ‘Intimate Relationships’ in Vonmo, Shanghai & Beijing, China
2022 Group exhibition Gallery Phoebus, Rotterdam
2022 Group exhibition ‘Kunst in het Klooster’, Westbeemster
2022 Group exhibition Romanian Jewelry Week. Romania, Bucharest
202included in museum – and private collections

Karin van Paassen
The Netherlands
+31 6 24373714
Facebook: facebook.karinvanpaassen
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tinik2015/

July, 2022

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